Tune Into Higher Vision for Clear-Sighted Solutions
Business Guidance: CEO’s & consultants who work with us say it’s like sitting with a Board of Advisors, divinely inspired & incredibly wise. You benefit from an extraordinarily broad perspective from Ascended Beings chosen for their skill.
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Practical Advice: The Council guides you toward practical solutions and deep insights, helping you devise effective strategies for dealing with planning, personnel, contracts, promotion, and production.
Collaborative Partnership: We work collaboratively with you to support your decision-making and apply a laser-like focus to key concerns and their solutions.
Business Team: The Council can gather for you a team of experts in all areas you require to re-imagine your business, work through choices, and proliferate options. We open doors beyond your current scope of thinking.
Certainly a unique approach to Business Consulting: Channeling of guidance to leaders has a long history in seers, oracles, prophets, or high priests advising pharaohs or kings, though it’s unusual in our time.

You benefit whether you are a “believer” or not. As one CEO: “I don’t really understand how it works, but, hey, it works! It works wondrously well.”
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