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Evalena Rose, M.A.
P.O. Box 801
Sebastopol, CA. 95473
Evalena 707/824-1118, Office 707/824-1117
email: Evalena@channeledbusinessguidance.com
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Here's what regular business clients say:

Our work with Evalena & the Council has been practical, luminous, & enlightening ... the guidance combines insight from three realms:

  • "Real world" business experience and practices.
  • Nuanced insight on communications, interpersonal and inter-business relationships.
  • Insight into the deeper levels of spiritual reality that contain the earthly business realm in which we are operating.

Our 3 to 4 sessions a month give us wonderful insights & guidance on day to day issues. ~D.R, CEO and Founder of engineering start-up corporation

I've worked with Evalena for over 20 years in many different, amazing, & beneficial ways, from therapist to healer to channel.  She has really supported me in creating my own exceptional, prosperous and fulfilling business. 

My business is flourishing even in these challenging financial times. I'm even busier than I've been in years! 
I attribute that greatly to the work Evalena & the guides have done with me.  I highly recommend that you experience the magic Evalena can create in your life!
~Jeanne M., Corporate trainer, Marin County, CA

Evalena is an extraordinarily clear and accurate channel, a dedicated and compassionate healer, and truly a joy to work with! I have been able to overcome significant challenges and make equally significant changes in my life because of her work. I recommend her wholeheartedly and enthusiastically!
~Sue Bethel, Marketing Consultant

Evalena offers spiritual counseling in the form of channeling from a spiritual source called "The Council of Twelve" and tuning into your guides and spirit teachers. Her guidance has been extremely important to me in my critical life transitions and ongoing spiritual growth.
~Debra Giusti, Founder & CEO for 28 years of   Harmony Festival

Evalena Rose is one of those rare individuals blessed with so much wisdom, kindness, care and commitment for transformation for individuals, businesses and the world. I have personally experienced her grace, love and care and would highly recommend consultation with her for your personal and business information and healing
~Natalie Zeituny, Principal and Founder,   NZconsulting
  Conscious Business Center

Evalena Rose is a spiritual teacher whose wisdom comes from beyond this world.  Her channeled readings are insightful, supportive, and profound.  When you are lost and can't see through the trees in the forest, this perspective that sees the bigger picture is invaluable.  Evalena is able to bring that bigger picture through in plain language that can be immediately utilized in your life.
~Anodea Judith Owner, Sacred Centers
  Author of “The Global Brain”

The work with the Council of Twelve gives a solid foundation, because it has more of an understanding that all of this is what we make it.  It has helped me gain a stronger sense of self, stronger sense of purpose, been more active, gained more confidence, and been more effective.

My trust in Evalena came from the direct experience of meeting her.  I knew I had somebody that was grounded, that was solid, that was not “woo woo”, but has access to a place that is very powerful and would help me access that place inside.
~Rich Martin, Graphic Designer and Artist,   RichImages.com

Through working with Evalena Rose on concerns about my future career, I have achieved balance, clarity of purpose, and peace of mind.  I know that what I am doing will provide me with years of financial well-being and sustainable work that I love.
~Ray Gorman, Web Services Provider and Artist

I've witnessed for 18 years how Evalena has consistently supported the self-empowerment and self-realization of everyone I know."
~L.B., 2008

It's wonderful watching my business grow in new and exciting ways. I'm grateful for how the work I did with Evalena helped lay the groundwork for changing me into a more open expanded person to make that possible.