Working with the Council of Twelve
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Evalena Rose, M.A.
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Consultants increase effectiveness, gain more business, and improve strategies for working with corporations and executives.

The Council Helps You:

  • Develop bids with higher perspectives on what each corporation seeks and what gains their business.

  • Design proposals and contracts, benefiting from inspired viewpoints & vast experience.

  • Prepare training curriculum with guides able to perceive and augment its future effectiveness.

  • Debrief classes and coaching sessions to glean lessons and improve performance.

  • Improve strategies for working in corporations by collaborating about contacts & issues to resolve.
Business Owners and Managers increase their efficiency and market share while improving employee satisfaction and effectiveness.
  • Support with staffing concerns and making wise personnel decisions guided by wide-ranging vision.

  • Evaluation of resources and possible contacts with guides comparing, often ranking, options you bring.

  • Help developing effective contracts in collaboration with beings who bring broad expertise.

  • Advice on strategies to gain venture capital and increase profit margins, guided by your brightest future self.
Entrepreneurs in Private Practices and small businesses expand the scope and size of their operation, gain support in developing further skills and resolving issues.

  • Help develop plans for outreach and networking, with guides expanding your range of options.

  • Insights on how to present yourself in the world gained from beings who see your inner & outer world.

  • Expert advice on promotion plans, P. R. materials, and logos from those who can see future results

  • Greater clarity around purpose and target markets.
CEO’s gain clear insights, unique spiritual vision into problem areas, concerns,

  • Support decision-making and oversight of operations with breadth of vision & resources.

  • Executive coaching about issues and concerns from beings who see effects of choices, deeper issues.

  • Gain input on strategies, action plans, and staffing patterns guided by our view of future outcomes.

  • Insight into how to improve difficult situations by those who see the big picture.

  • Support in evaluating professionals to work with or employees to hire from those with oversight.