Channeled Sessions with the Council of Twelve
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Help with your difficult decisions

What are sessions like?

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How do I prepare?

You are asked to bring a list of questions about issues about which you’d like wise input, and a synopsis of what you’d like from working with the Council.  Open-ended questions are more productive than yes/no questions as they invite a collaborative approach instead of asking the Council to make your decisions. 

The Council does not care to predict, rather they work with you and your highest possible future self to ensure your choices unfold the best path.  They don’t have your answers, but support your process in discovering them with extraordinary insight and perspective.

What are Sessions Like?

I will begin by asking you what you’d like from the session and for background information.  We then use an invocation to create a sacred circle of light and ensure we are working with the rarefied energies of Ascended Masters.  They call in your Higher Self and those guides from exalted realms who are versed in the very expertise your questions require.  The combined wisdom is spoken through me and recorded for you on either a cassette tape or an MP3 file you can download.

A session feels like having an audience with Spirit and looks like you and me collaborating, though speaking through me are any number of radiant beings who have the very knowledge and wisdom you seek.  The Council weaves answers to your questions with insights about people, practical solutions and business lessons.  They may check in with your inner experience to help you gain skill in accessing your own truth. It feels like sitting with business advisers and working through decision points until your inner truth seeker says “that’s it!”

Range of Questions

People ask for details about how to do what they are doing better, check for information about people they might hire or contract with, help with interpersonal conflicts, and guidance in the best ways to approach a new situation.  Consultants have brought proposals to review and improve, course materials for advice on adapting them to a certain class or to develop new exercises in this collaboration with Spirit.

You can ask for the Council to help you know how to approach certain people you have critical meetings with, how to resolve personnel issues, and what of several options might serve you best.  You can share stuck places and allow these teams to help you see options you haven't recognized yet.

What’s Your Goal? 

  • Hiring the right person?
  • Increasing clients/customers?
  • Improving employee situations?
  • Preparing successful proposals?
  • Finding investors?
  • Evaluating approaches to sticky situations?
  • Evaluating a product?

What if I don't believe in channeling or these beings you speak of?

Believing in Ascended Masters or any other explanation of where this wisdom comes from is not necessary.  Some people do these readings only because friends report amazing results, knowing they had to see what felt true for them, only to find the readings extraordinarily practical and valuable.  A healthy skepticism means you’ll stay in your own power to decide what is right for you and that is what the Council desires as well.