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What are sessions like?

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Initial sessions are an hour and a half to two hours in length and include as assessment of needs and a brief history of concerns. 

Once we've set clear goals and directions, you may choose longer or shorter sessions.  Some people prefer an hour, and people occasionally book 3 to 4 hours to work through multiple issues. Some enjoy phone and email check-ins, and occasional half hour readings on a single issue. 

Day-long planning sessions are possible, your site or mine - it's like sitting with a team of consultants.

Residential retreats in our beautiful garden estate are a delight.  We can co-create extensive working sessions with your “business team” & personal guides.  For example, an owner of a consulting firm doubled her business after revisioning her offerings and training curriculai in a week long stay, complete with flip charts, computer and planning tools.

Established and used to success? Challenged by this economy?
For those hit by this economy who have been successful, we trust this work will open new income streams enough to occasionally defer a portion of fees for up to six months.

Sessions by Phone World-Wide.
Sessions often done by phone, can do on Skype world-wide, with web cam. You get a digital recording of each session.

Sessions in person: Home office is in Sebastopol, CA.  Occasionally conduct sessions in Oakland, San Francisco,  and Portland, OR

All sessions are recorded and you can choose an MP3 download or cassette tape or both.

Trial Offering:

Initial session for those who’d like to experience this work: 
$150 for 90 minutes

Initial Package

Initial Assessment includes an in-depth look at the nature of your business, its key challenges, choice points, people issues, goals to be met, and time-frames for action.  We set goals for our work together and criteria by which to know they’ve been met. 

The Initial Package gives you eight hours of channeling over five weeks, we collaborate to address those concerns, devise action plans, and expand your people skills for maximum success.  

Follow-up sessions are most often 90 minutes.  You can also combine periodic sessions with occasional check-ins by phone and email.

"The Business Team" Intensives:

One-day, two-day, or week-long, intensives allow for in-depth guidance.  Gain comprehensive insight into your company's structure, marketing, asset management, employees, products and services.

We co-create an agenda that addresses your top needs and helps you devise plans of action that will resolve conflicts, uplevel effectiveness, and improve the bottom line.  In extensive working sessions with your “business team” & personal guides, you can initiate new programs, projects, and business plans. 

For example, an owner of a consulting firm doubled her business after revisioning her offerings and training curriculai in a week long stay.  Working with flip charts, computer, and planning tools, she devised new offerings for corporate clients, new PR to represent them, and left with functional action plans.

Intensives can be residential retreats, staying in a quiet private bedroom/ sitting room suite surrounded by gardens with a hot tub. They can be for one person, business partners, or a set of staff or Board members.  For additional fees, healthy, delicious, organic meals can be provided.