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Evalena's Bio:

Evalena Rose, M. A. channels The Council of Twelve to offer spiritual guidance through an audience with Spirit that is uniquely practical and inspired. She brings to this work 32 years as a full-time entrepreneur who has built private practices in 5 different cities, consulted in many businesses, and built a widely respected seminar business.

Evalena has held positions as Executive Director and has chaired and served on Board of Directors for non-profits, helping design personnel systems for an international organization in Humanistic Psychology. Evalena’s experience as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur makes possible this unique business expression of channeling.

Evalena has a M.A. and B.A. in Psychology, graduated summa cum laude, and has extensive post-graduate training in all aspects of therapeutic work, business development, and fundraising.

Clients: Evalena's clients have included hi-tech engineers, retreat center owners, entrepreneurs, health care practitioners, and consultants in communication skills, time management, sales, marketing, and organizational development. She has channeled to community leaders, C.E.O.’s, consultants, business owners, and entrepreneurs for 25 years. Her spiritual guidance is sought by colleagues, people who are leaders in the community and have a successful presence in the world.

Evalena's Story: Evalena was introduced to channeling by a highly spiritual health center director in 1984 and developed the skill as it helped her be more effective as a therapist and more intuitive in her seminar work.

Being an entrepreneur came naturally, having been raised by farmers in an extended kinship group of people who mostly owned their own business. She worked her way through a Master’s degree and by age 26, was the administrator of a non-profit supervising 42 staff. At 30, she became a trainer for the State of Nebraska and began her first consulting business.

She had built a successful private practice in Austin, Tx since 1978 and was well known as the Executive Director of non-profit educational work when she began to channel in 1984. Her clients and colleagues found the work extraordinarily helpful, especially with actualizing their dreams.

In 1985, she moved her practice to Pacifica, CA, and later Marin County, serving as Personnel Director on the Board of an international organization, applying her skills to develop personnel policies and systems, while further developing her channeling skills by training with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

Her seminars began as state-wide trainings and manuals, then became adjuncts to the healing work she did, training other healing practitioners. Currently, she creates teams to teach relationship skills and enjoys a full time private practice, channeling for people in many states and several countries as well as doing therapy and consulting entrepreneurs.

Far from being seen as marginal or “flaky” because she channels, Evalena is often called on to lead community events and is publicly acknowledged as an exemplary teacher and healer by well-known community leaders.  

The Council of Twelve

The Council of Twelve is one of the ancient Councils of Light. These beings are often called Ascended Masters as they operate from a high (causal) level of existence and have offered guidance and sustenance to those on Earth for centuries.

Some of these beings have had human lives, such as St. Germain who founded schools of esoteric wisdom throughout Europe in the 18th Century, counseled royalty and was respected as a diplomat, scholar and linguist.

Melchizedek was a king and high priest mentioned in the Book of Hebrews, thought to be an arch-angel who chose to have an earthly life to change the nature of the priesthood, establishing the Order of Melchizedek.

Babaji is one of India’s greatest yogis, seemingly immortal, often documented as living in the Himalayas guiding many spiritual teachers at a distance. Writings show he guided and inspired many great teachers, incluing Adi Shankaracharya, the great 9th century reformer of Hinduism.

Kuan Yin
is a bodhisattva, an enlightened being known in Chinese temples as the goddess of compassion, one of the goddess archetypes who come to support those ready to release whatever causes them to suffer. She has not had an earthly incarnation, is prominent in Buddhist temples.

Metatron is an archangel, called the messenger of the creator.

As a Council, they are able to call together the very guides and angels that are most able to provide the guidance you need. We view time as simply a construct, and find it possible to access your future self, and/ or lifetimes you think of as in the future. Therefore, they can call in wisdom from realities far more developed than this one.

Your questions guide the process and help determine who comes to the call. It may feel like simply talking with an individual who is incredibly wise, as most of the guidance is funneled through Babaji to make it easier on Evalena as the channel.